Do you have a feedback mechanism to find out if your customer base is responding to your products? Or a way to figure out what your current offerings are overlooking?

Creating a way to get this feedback is vital to ensuring sustainable market share. Today there are so many ways to be connected with customers, but you have to proactively create the mechanisms to hear how they feel about your company and your products.

Lean startup principles are becoming more relevant as brands seek to iterate their products based on customer feedback. One reason for this is getting products to the market faster, and sometimes cheaper, to test if you’re on track before spending lots of time and effort on producing the end product or service. This way, you can check and adjust along the way before actually get a final product to market.

Finding ways to bring your customer’s heart and soul into all phases of the design process can help with decision-making, design direction, and could even spur thinking of how to make your base ideas better.

We shouldn’t let pride or image get in the way of product development. Although you may not be showing them your final product with all the bells and whistles, you are validating that your thinking is correct and that your market actually desires and likes what you’re producing.