The Founder’s Mindset.

RIP-IT Sports is a great illustration of a company created from a founder’s heart.

RIP-IT Sports is a great illustration of a company created from a founder’s mindset. This is different than a business model focused on making a buck or selling a lot of something that inevitably means nothing to the market. RIP-IT didn’t start with a financial goal or really as a business at all.

A dad found a gap in the female sports market. He sought to purchase some sort of protection for his young daughter’s face while she played softball.

He found no readily available solution and was still faced with the problem at hand. From scratch he created a solution. He welded a simple face guard out in his garage and gave it to his daughter to wear during her games.

What he was unaware of in creating this solution was he had just solved a problem for other dads and moms and softball teams, some of those probably didn’t even know they had a problem until faced with someone else consequences: a ball to the face. Other young girls on the team wanted face guards too, and then players on other teams until this one dad’s backyard invention was wanted by teams in other states.

RIP-IT sports was founded around this small, yet meaningful problem, one that resonated with young athletes, coaches and parents. They didn’t set out to create a business but founded a business to meet a need.

This is the founder’s mindset.

Unearthing a truly viable and desired product for a market that displays a genuine need. What we’ve seen is it can be really easy to lose sight of this perspective in growing your business further, and it’s easy to see how this can happen.

Small businesses are faced with the pressure of launching and sustaining a new processes and operations while meeting and steadily growing demand for their products. This takes the mindset away from founding to operationalizing. This is where the paradigm begins to shift and where many companies find themselves stuck.