The Empathy Framework

If you’ve been following lately, we introduced you to our client RIP-IT Sports.

They are a quintessential, founder-led, American startup and we helped them radically shift their business focus to gain market share. They were a successful, stage 2 company with more than $5 million in revenue annually, but they just kept running into this glass ceiling. They had the infrastructure in place to meet growing demand and they had a great product with an identifiable customer base.

So what were they missing?

We introduced them to the Empathy Framework, our facilitated, systematic approach to integrate measurable, empathetic processes, empowering your team to capture who your customers are and innovate according to their wants and needs. Basically, we help you know your customer better and make business decisions based on this knowledge. In doing so, we are able to help teams, like RIP-IT, radically shift their whole model for doing business.

“We are listening to our customer more closely than we ever have, which led to a product launch with a million dollars in booking orders before the product was even complete.”

Knowing your customer and letting that guide decisions about new products or improvements to existing products and services is a game changer. You’re humanizing your business, bringing it down to the level of your customer then injecting that back up into the operations of your company.

If you’re providing something your market wants, something they believe in, you can turn them into brand ambassadors and advocates. This will open you up to even more opportunity.