Don’t confuse an empathetic business model that generates real customer understanding with better customer service.

Even better, stop devaluing customer service by outsourcing it to someone else. You might think you are doing yourselves and your business a favor by outsourcing customer service, but you’re losing an incredible opportunity to have people on the inside, who work for you, connecting with and gathering data on your customers. If designed correctly, these processes can develop a culture of customer empathy throughout your organization.

Ultimately, an empathetic business model will provide sustainable market share.

Every customer interaction with one of your front-line employees is a window into your market. The ability to see this opportunity, leverage it and leave your customer better than before they connected with you is an art and it takes an incredible amount of empathy to pull it off. That empathy has to be embedded organizationally.

Your business culture and values have to be centered around meeting your customer’s needs first.

This has to be clearly understood, and articulated, throughout every level of worker from the c suite to the front-line. There are humans beings on the other side of your transaction and if your front-line sees that, understands it and acts on it, you will realize profitability and long-term success much better than skimping to increase profit margins by outsourcing.

Your customers are smart and it will be very hard for them to believe you care what they need in your product or service if the most direct line of communication they have with you is pawned off to someone else.