Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode One


No more wake up calls

I’m tired of waking up at 3:00 am, my mind racing with ideas – ideas I’m not confident I can do anything with! I think I’m an Entrepreneur, but at this point, I am not sure, and all I need is to sleep at night.

So, I am on a journey to discover if I can change my path. This video is the beginning of my journey — my first episode of a Video Blog I’ve launched. It’s all new: my first #vlog, YouTube Channel and personal branding effort.

Learn how to execute multiple ideas – simultaneously
Learn how to make incredible video content – even as a beginner
Learn how to build a platform – solid enough to stand on with my family

Let us collaborate

I could spend months on this starting point – I could devote hours to tweaking and researching and trying to make this perfect. Instead, I’d like you to come along for the journey. I’ll capture the details along the way, and we can collaborate as I grow.

I must warn you, this video sucks!

Original Header Photo by: Krista MangulsoneLatvia