Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode Five

Just start doing something

Wisdom from Atlanta’s C-Money – Charlton Cunningham (@Charlton_87)
“Just start doing something!”


My connection to the cool kids

So maybe repeatedly waking up at 3am is simply insomnia or the result of too much caffeine, but at least I know now that I am not the only one that has to“get ideas out of my head.” I meet up with Charlton Cunningham (Charles or “C-Money” to me) every few months or so; he’s my go-to guy for what the“cool kids” are up to these days. Charles told me he definitely could relate to my early-morning rant in this video, and he wanted to pass along some advice.

Early in his life, Charles’ Charles received some great wisdom from a mentor: “Just start doing something!” Regardless of what comes next, trying something now can only help your future. Whether the results are successful or not, trying something today allows you to say “Yes, I tried this! Here is what I learned from the experience.”

Several times, Charles has been part of launching, partnering, or supporting developing ideas. One such venture was HIVE ATL: a successful brand that crafts“an inspired community that encourages and supports you and your ideas.”

Consumers only see the “launched version” of an idea, so I wanted to know from Charles what he considered to be the very FIRST STEPS in developing an idea.

First Steps when Developing an Idea

My first step is simply declaring I want to try this idea- usually a tweet so I have a record of the idea being published.
I share the idea with someone I trust, who will give me good advice as well as hold me accountable to the idea.
Determine what I can and can’t do, and form partnerships to help launch the idea.
I hope to see your declarative tweets after you read this post.

With accountability and solid people around me, I know I can accomplish a great deal. Sometimes though, our network is limited and finding the right people can be hard. I asked the well-connected Charles how he finds the right champions for his ideas. He described the two kinds of people he wants to surround his ideas with: “Those who are successful in launching what I am trying to launch, and those who I admire.” He finds these individuals by searching through his current networks and circles, asking for a certain kind of individual. Oftentimes, this leads to just the right person landing in his corner!

As I continue my conversations, I am noticing patterns across the brilliant people I interview – Which further confirms where I should focus for next steps.

Insights I received from this interview

I need to start something now.
I need to find a group of friends who will provide feedback and accountability.
I need find partnerships that accommodate what I am not good at.
Next Steps: I need to analyze my ideas and reduce them down into something I can START tomorrow.

Original header photo by: Jordan Whitt