Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode Two

Hug an entrepreneur

Wisdom from Orlando’s Startup Godfather – Ron Ben-Zeev (@RBenZeev)
The Startup Godfather wanted to reach through the screen and hug me.


I’m not the only one

It was refreshing to hear that I’m not the only one; It’s easy to feel alone when you can’t sleep and it’s 3am in a quiet house. On my journey to get these ideas out of my head, the first place to start is with friends and family. Ron is a dear friend from Orlando, FL and is the founder, facilitator, partner and supporter of @StartUpWeekend, @OneMillionCups, @WHSolutioN, @rollinscollege, and more.

As Ron quickly replied to my question, “Has the angst ever gone away?” he noted, “I am solving a payroll problem this week… but you have to put things in perspective.” I love his explanation of few things being in our control. He explained further that entrepreneurs are not risk-prone, but risk-mediators. Sure, there are those few special shiny people that launch businesses and have everything work perfectly… but that is not the rest of us, and that is OK. However, it still leads to the realization that regardless of the developmental stage, regardless of the company, the reality of never being in control is quite scary.

Don’t try to control chaos, learn to navigate it

If we can’t control the chaos, how can we navigate it instead? I asked the Godfather, and his reply was brilliant: “Stop doing what you suck at and stop doing what you hate!” Stunning. How much of the chaos we endure is chaos we have created ourselves?!?! Though there are many things out of our control, there are equally as many things we have the power to influence. When I try to solve all the problems myself, my lack of experience actually triggers a new set of problems, adding to my chaos.

When I realize that I’m not good at something, or that I hate it, I can be proactive! I can find a mentor or partner to help me. I can outsource. I can bring some order to my chaotic journey – which in turn, mediates risk.

So I have a clear first step from the Godfather. I need to do an audit of what I suck at and what I hate. This will become a great filter when it is time to select ideas to launch and those I desperately need to join me.

Insights I received from this interview

I can’t control chaos, so I have to learn how to navigate it.
Much of the chaos I experience may be caused by myself.
I need rely on others for what I suck at or hate.

Next Steps: Audit my life – what do I suck at? What do I hate?

Original Header Image By: Annie SprattUnited Kingdom