Do you notice silos within various departments of your company?

Are there members of various teams who don’t play well with others or don’t understand the importance of other functional areas? When your employee base is misaligned with your founding purpose and your mission goals, there is a breakdown in teamwork and the opportunity for division. At the core, a genuine lack of empathy.

Empathy is the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions.

This type of environment could be a product of bureaucratic processes that decrease ownership and create a sort of pass the buck mentality. It could be a product of certain areas feeling undervalued or overworked. It could even be the product of managers who are too down in the weeds with executing work versus managing your people.

Whatever it is that causes your silos, you won’t create sustainable success if you can’t break down these silos and move people closer to a common mission.

Getting to a place where this is possible takes enlightened leadership. It takes seeing your employees as people and not just resources. Do you understand what drives your employees, managers, and leaders? Have you developed an understanding of what motivates each person? Are you aware of the operational burdens they deal with to provide your products and services on a daily basis?

Getting to know your team and these important details will help you build trusting relationships founded on empathy.

You might also unearth key pinch points within your infrastructure and operations and start improving processes and spurring teams to work together.