A radical shift – break the glass ceiling

In working with RIP-IT Sports we uncovered some fundamental truths that enabled them to radically shift their methods and thinking to break the glass ceiling and improve their profitability and market share.

“The Empathy Framework helped us put the infrastructure in place to help me not only focus on the few critical functions of the business, but to also empower our leadership to perform at the same level of focus,” said Jason Polstein one of their founders.

This radical shift has lead RIP-IT to engage their market in a whole new way that is resonating with the people they serve.

After refocusing on three critical areas — branding with focus to visualize the lifestyle of players, marketing with focus to visualize the path of the customer, and data with focus to capture the engagement of the customer — RIP-IT was able to make product, design and process decisions all focused on the end game: empowering their softball-playing, female market and the parents of these young athletes.

Their whole model has shifted to focus on the benefits of young women playing on team sports like softball.

What would happen if you sat back and figured out what the heart and soul of your market is? What could you do if you understand fundamentally what’s best for your customers and what will make their lives better in some way?

Empathy changes the mental model and thought process of your company such that you meet the greater need — for RIP-IT, this meant transforming their infrastructure to focus less on how to provide a product and more on how to be an impact-oriented company that made their customers’ lives better.

The results? RIP-IT has realized a 20.8 percent increase in revenue and a 52 percent increase in gross profit. We want to help you uncover your founder’s mindset and radically change the way you think about and execute your business.