In order to create a premium brand experience for your customer, you have to inject radical empathy into your organization.

Do you know your customer? Do you speak for them in design meetings? Do you advocate for them in decision-making? What’s interesting about this is it doesn’t just help you better meet the needs of your clients, ultimately increasing your market share, but injecting radical empathy also improves employee satisfaction as well.

Dan Pink is a career analyst and speaker who related this so well in describing how autonomy, mastery and purpose are the intrinsic motivators that can radically change our business models. Companies like Wikipedia and Linux capitalized on the fact that skilled, intelligent workers will give their time for free because it means being a part of something that is bigger than themselves.

Imagine if you could make your employees feel this way about the products or services you are providing. Then imagine giving them the autonomy to help influence and make decisions to better fulfill that purpose.

Understanding what motivates the people who work for you is radical leadership empathy.

Embodying this at the top and ingraining it down creates radical external empathy. When your employees act on a daily basis to meet the needs of your customers, this is what will generate real tangible impact for your business.