A Great American Startup Story.

We recently had the opportunity to work with a quintessential, American start-up: RIP-IT Sporting Goods.

Founded from a need to protect, from a frustration with the lack of a market solution, from the tools and parts available in the home garage. Jason and Matthew Polstein watched their father make their little sister Lauren a face guard from scratch after she was hit in the face during a softball game.

Little did they know they were providing a new product to a viable market.

Players started requesting face guards like the one Lauren was wearing and RIP-IT was eventually founded to meet a growing, and eventually national, demand. The Polsteins were able to create a successful model for producing product, with adaptability to meet growing demand, but they kept running into a glass ceiling of sorts.

When they approached Fervr in early 2015, they were a Stage 2 company with over $5 million in revenue annually. The infrastructure was there, the drive for more was there, but something was missing. Fervr helped them uncover some key ingredients for shattering the ceiling and realizing more market share.

The best part is, it had nothing to do with focusing on profits or the bottom line. The secret sauce for RIP-IT, like many other startups and founder-led businesses, was their customers. They radically shifted their operational perspective and are reaping the benefits because of it.