Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode Three

Am i a hunter or a killer

More Wisdom from Orlando’s Startup Godfather – Ron Ben-Zeev (@RBenZeev)
“Determine if you want to hunt, or if you want to kill.”

Ron and Dex

Pick your outcome

As we continued our interview, the Startup Godfather explained to me the importance of deciding if you are going to be a hunter or a killer: “If you are a hunter, then you are someone who wants to grow the business and take it through the early stage and potentially run the company for years. If you are a killer, then you are someone who wants to start and sell it – to move on to the next thing.”

While neither of these approaches are wrong, it’s safe to say that if you want to launch MULTIPLE ideas, you should start thinking like a killer. For me personally, this was a wake-up call since this is not how I currently approach what I create. My approach to business has been artistic: I want to create art, then take the best pieces and display them on the walls of my home, not sell them!

Keep moving towards those outcomes

Ron went on to explain his first “entrepreneurial experience” was when he was 13 years old (he hasn’t stopped since). A key entrepreneurial lesson here is to quickly learn to “pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving!” Entrepreneurs will fall, and fall often – Ron groups himself in the the “gluttons for punishment” that desire to launch multiple businesses. Whether this “diseased” condition is a product of nature or nurture, one thing is true: I MUST GET THEM OUT. If I don’t, this quote from the Godfather will haunt me for the rest of my life: “Ideation without Execution is a Hallucination.”

That is why Ron’s next piece of advice is critical! “Make sure you have a group of friends around you that will not coddle you.” He went on to explain the importance of having friends who will give you honest feedback about your ideas, what to pursue, and how to do it. I guess that leads me to my next set of goals: CONTINUE to place people around me that have launched multiple businesses.

Insights from this interview

Learn the skills of a entrepreneurial killer, not hunter.
Prepare to “dust myself off” and keep moving.
Continue to place friends around me that will not coddle my ideas.
Next Steps: Start looking for brilliant individuals who have launched multiple businesses.

Original header photo by: Geran de KlerkGävle, Sweden