Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode Twelve

 I should probably just quit

I should probably just quit. – @bryanjnoel
The Entrepreneurial Cycle of Doubt


Might as well quit now

Something plagues my mind: A voice so loud, music can’t silence it, alcohol can’t blur it, food can’t stuff it. A voice telling me to quit. Quit before I put too much time into this.

“You’re going to quit anyway; might as well quit before too many people know you started.

Elon Musk is developing batteries that will power our lives. Ronen Gadot is creating maps through our brains that could eventually help billions of people…and you are creating a homemade #VLOG with your iPhone… a f#%^ing #VLOG… seriously.

Not a day passes that something or someone triggers a belief that my efforts are worthless. I will never sing like Frank Sanatra, play like Jimmy Hendrix, dance like Vaslav Nijinsky, lead like Steve Jobs, or invent like Thomas Edison. Who am I to share my voice, my opinions, my desire to inspire others… What do I possibly have that could inspire others?

Call it depression, self-doubt, or realism, it prohibits the greatest inventors from inventing, from exploring, from jumping. And though this monologue of doubt rests deep inside the mind of an entrepreneur, it’s rare you’ll find this secret garden. It’s always locked behind unyielding optimism. All you’ll see is the glimmer of hope: the next idea, the next problem to solve, the next challenge to face.

Speaking for myself and the few who have invited me to this remote and secluded place, I’m beginning to understand the entrepreneurial cycle of doubt:

The Entrepreneurial Cycle of Doubt

Idea Euphoria: from creation to evangelism

  • I think of an awesome idea.
  • I share the idea with everyone who will listen.

Idea Exploration: from realization to expectation

  • People show me others doing something similar.
  • I realize the gap between where they are and “what” I’m not.

Idea Rejection

  • I start telling myself that, I’m not qualified, I don’t have the resources, I don’t have the time.
  • I start to self-doubt, procrastinate and let the idea slowly die.

I think I need to start an entrepreneur’s anonymous group…

So far in conducting these interviews, the common thread across them all is the desperate need to put the right people around me. Those who can encourage, invest, teach, mentor and more. Several times a week, I interact with great friends and family who encourage me to continue. Who bring a breath of fresh air to the suffocating cycle of doubt.

Hopefully, this #VLOG can be the same for you!