Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode Eleven

This is Your Defining Moment

Even More Wisdom from the Future – Jack Fussell (@jackfusselljr)
“This is your defining moment.”


An idea is not your tipping point

As I meditate on these interviews, I’m convinced that the tipping point in a person’s life isn’t an idea or a business, but the person themselves. A decision to stop listening to others, who project their toxic labels, and the narrative they’ve written for you.

Your defining moment is not winning the lottery or inheriting a boatload of money so that you can finally start your business. It is not meeting that ONE person who will fund your ideas. It is you. Just you. You finally, confidently believing that you can jump, that you can execute, that you can write your own story.

“Being an entrepreneur is less about the ideas and more about a lifestyle of problem-solving. ”

As Jack explained, this is a subtle but powerful shift. “There are always ideas, but [the entrepreneurial life] is about seeing opportunities.” He described it as walking down a ghost town road, “seeing opportunities in every abandoned building.” Those around you will try to convince you of what can’t happen, and the more they do, the more you become absolutely certain of what could be – what should be – and what will be.

Your defining moment is this: observing the impossible dragon you will have to slay, with many reasons to stand down or retreat, stepping onto the battlefield anyway.

“Engaging with the dragon could be your true north.”

We admire those who have “made it,” those successful ones in the cocktails-on-the-beach stage of the journey. But we rarely see their defining moment, their struggle – the dragons they had to face. The only way to the end is to start where we are, you and me, preparing for that leap. Restless and unsure what lies ahead, but jump we must!

Insights I received from this interview:

It is less about THE idea and more about seeing opportunities, and relentlessly pursuing a chance to act on the opportunity.
The largest dragon before me could be my true north.

Original photo by Ben White