Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode Ten

Write a new narrative for yourself

Even More Wisdom from the Future – Jack Fussell (@jackfusselljr)
“Write a new narrative for yourself.”

Jack three

They may be good intentions…

My friend Jack Fussell grew up with a common phrase: “You should be grateful for what you have.” While this advice seems gentle enough, there’s a glacier underneath it’s icy peak. As an adult, Jack was able to observe the advice-givers, saying A light clicked on for me when I saw that their life was trapped in what they have been doing for 20 years… and now they are stuck. If they would have jumped 20 years ago, they would not be where they are: bitter!”

“I can love that person, value them, but I am not going to let them shape my narrative anymore.”

How profound is that! Becoming an entrepreneur has less to do with being brilliant or having lots of money, and more to do with giving yourself permission to challenge the status quo. Permission to change the narrative we tell ourselves.

We are shaped by our circle

We’re all shaped by those around us, and that’s a critical part of the process when shaping a new narrative. According to Jack, “We have to determine what voices we are going to listen to, what voices we’ll allow to shape our narrative.” Your values are a good measuring stick when selecting which voices to listen to: “I allow those that have the same values I have to shape my narrative.”

Values Jack Lives By

I want to make a great living for my family.
I want to change the world while I am at it, in everyway possible.
I want to live a healthier lifestyle, not one that is overly indulgent and abusive.
I want to live a life of gratitude with life and resources by investing in others.

After hearing about Jack’s new narrative, in which he completely rewrote a new set of listening filters, I couldn’t help but ask him if there were any common threads, insights, or themes he’s received from the NEW voices shaping his narrative. Jack explained a familiar process he’s seen among those he has been inspired by:

Something sparks, [the entrepreneurs] have an idea which is quickly combated by the resistance. Without knowing what to do, they relentlessly ask questions and learn. And questions lead them into a community of others who speak into them. With a new narrative, they launch, and usually it works. And then they are investing in the next group of entrepreneurs.”

— Jack Fussell

Jack described this group of entrepreneurs as a “tribe of people across all industries who invest in each other and who think and see the world differently; they see opportunities instead of running from opportunities.” 

Wow, I hope this VLOG attracts exactly that!

Insights I received from this interview

I can love a person, even value them for who they are, but that does not mean I have to let them shape my narrative.
There are always people speaking to me, but I must only allow those with the same values I have to shape my narrative.
Join a tribe of people who see this world differently, and who sees opportunities instead of running from them.
Next Steps: Define my values to better filter those around me who are shaping my narrative. Try to articulate my narrative.

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