Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode Nine

It is time to freak’n moveJack Photo 2

More Wisdom from the Future – Jack Fussell (@jackfusselljr)
“Sometimes, you just need to freak’n move!”

Sail a new frontier

One day, Jack Fussell packed his family’s belongings, stepped aboard a ship, and sailed to a new frontier. After testing the soil in Barcelona and Morocco, his family decided to settle on the islands of Zealand and Amager in Copenhagen. This was the start of Jack’s transition from perceived “evil dreamer” to aspiring entrepreneur. He explained, “While traveling away from who we were, we started to come to grips with who we are… bringing our family was about owning who we are and not being afraid of the labels others have placed on us.” He has yet to return, but he’ll never return the same.

“We came to Copenhagen with one impression of ourselves,” Jack remembered, and as he started integrating himself and his family into a new culture, full of new voices and influencers, he began developing a NEW impression of himself.

We see ourselves through labels

How many of us see ourselves through the labels others place on us? To this day, I remember an incident from middle school: I was reading aloud at my teacher’s request, fumbling through a few difficult words. A classmate smirked and remarked loudly enough for all to hear: “No wonder you’re in the dumb reading class!” Something almost died inside me that day. Instead of fighting back, I retreated into myself, avoiding at all costs another opportunity to be “found out” as the class idiot I labeled myself to be.

How many of us are in toxic environments which, as Jack expressed, cause us to keep our entrepreneurial restlessness compacted down?” Others around us apply the labels they see as “best for us,” and though we struggle against them, the energy we use to dig ourselves out may only dig us deeper. Sometimes, the labels are so tightly stuck on that the only way to remove them is to remove the environment altogether.

Sometimes you need to JUST FREAK’N MOVE

Before you read this and believe your only outlet is to move to Copenhagen (if you do, hit Jack up!), don’t miss the point. You may not be able to change countries, states, or even jobs right now. But you can change your environment – you can change who you’re going to listen to!

Not everyone who speaks TO you has the right to speak INTO you. You determine that.

Whether your next move is across the pond or across town, know that you may NOT be able to struggle your way out of your toxic environment – it may be time to jump.

Insights I received from this interview

Are there any labels on me (put there by others) that I believe? Are they prohibiting me from pursuing my ideas?
As I pursue wisdom, I need to be careful who I let speak INTO me.
Next Steps: Reflect on the labels that I use to define myself. Determine if they are the right labels.

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