Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode Seven

You have to get out and dance

Even More Wisdom from Atlanta’s C-Money – Charlton Cunningham (@Charlton_87)
“You have to get out and dance!”


Two options when starting

I am in the early stages of this idea, this #VLOG for crazy insomniacs filled to the mental brim with entrepreneurial ideas. I have two options: I can push MY IDEAS onto my friends and family, or I can take C-Money’s advice and “Receive feedback early and often.”

Not being sure what the future of the #VLOG holds, I am nonetheless sure that involving you now will be more successful than to loop you into some content brand formula. This leads me to an action item I need to take: A brainstorm on how to involve you, the reader. Not a brainstorm about you, but with you. Charles quoted his friend @jakedudley, saying “It is more than simply including people, but involving them.” Putting it in his own words, C-Money declared “You have to get out and dance.” with your audience.

What keeps people around

I continued to question Charles, who has high standards and only watches a few VLOGs (one from the incredibly talented @garyvee. According to Charles, there are some key ingredients a blog must have for him to NOT LEAVE.

Obviously, the idea of people not leaving is attractive one to me. As my 3am rant clearly states, I’m rather frantic to get these ideas out, and if I can’t attract my target audience for the #VLOG, then I’ll be publishing content for myself and myself only. So at risk of sounding desperate, I asked Charles what I must do to make you not leave!

These ingredients from Charles could keep me busy for a while

Content must be engaging.
Content must be personable.
Content must be to the point.
Content must be something people care about.

Gulp. As much as they like me, even my best friends shouldn’t be expected to stick around for content that didn’t meet the above standard. I faced the overwhelming reality that if I don’t hit this mark, I won’t get any readers at all, let along my target audience!

 Insights I received from this interview

I must move beyond including the audience to involving them.
My content must be engaging, personable, to the point, and something my audience cares about.
Next Steps: Schedule a brainstorm to find creative ways to involve you, the reader.

Original header image by Andre Hunter