Entrepreneurial Discontent: Episode Six

Filters to go from 100 ideas to 10

More Wisdom from Atlanta’s C-Money – Charlton Cunningham (@Charlton_87)
“Use filters to go from 100 ideas to 10.” 


Friends and filters

Charlton Cunningham represents one of my target audiences for this #VLOG. He has several excellent ideas, and I am sure they’ll only get better as he continues to execute them. As a member of my target audience who’s constantly hanging out with like-minded people, I knew he’d have an answer to my question. I wanted to know what to call myself – or anyone who wants to execute multiple ideas. His answer:”Serial Entrepreneur.” The perfect diagnosis for someone like himself, who can start with 100 ideas, filter them down to 10 great ones, and simultaneously develop a network of friends who can help him execute the ideas.

Charles has brought several ideas to life on his Serial Entrepreneur journey, which he says has helped him bring clarity to future ideas. His past experiences help him vet new ideas quickly, to weed through the possibilities. This is a huge leap from several years ago, when he would give each new idea his energy; “I would design a logo and a pitch within 24 hours of a new idea!” His experience has formed a filter that he can pass new ideas through before he gives them any further energy, and frees him up from time-wasters.

Start filtering

Now, I don’t have 100 ideas, but I do have 27 thought-out businesses that are robbing me of sleep night after night. So I was intrigued to hear more about Charles’ filters – it sounded like a tool I could use! He explained, “First, I like ideas that bring people together and have a communal aspect. Secondly, ideas that help people discover new things – like food!” I was thrilled – this is HUGE advice! I have learned so much after helping grow a business for 5+ years, and with a little meditation on those experiences, I should be able to craft some “idea filters” to purge the time-wasting ideas, or at-least the ones that don’t past the test. If my filters are strong, I will only end up with a few viable prospects to move forward with.

Insights I received from this interview

Someone who can execute multiple ideas is a Serial Entrepreneur.
Filters based on my past experience are necessary to vet my ideas.
Next Steps: I need to define my “idea values”: the values that will guide the ideas I want to execute.

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